Robloxity [BETA] 

by Lasvegasmonkey

Robloxity is created by 1dev3. Robloxity is a role-playing game that is aiming to simulate life. The game starts out with a welcome GUI and then you jump right into the game. You start off Unemployed and with  300 dollars. Although it would be nice to have a GUI job search the game lacks it, so you must find the job's spawn and step on it. During the game, you can buy a house using the virtual currency. Houses cost anywhere from 150 dollars to 450 dollars. Cars cost money as well but you can buy a car straight from the GUI on the left side. The game offeres a variety of cars ranging from trucks to boats and helicopters. The game offers virtual skyscrapers, highways, luxary houses, and a variety of items such as a video camera and a rifle. 

Pros: Realistic City, Quality life simulator, and a variety or items, cars, and houses.

Cons: It is basically a game of cops and robbers, most either choose one of those jobs and fight each other. 

I recommend this game to all who like simulation and just fun in general. I do think that there are some mistakes that should be fixed, like quality gameplay for every job but the game is still in beta. 

Rating: 8/10



YouMissed ASpot
02/19/2014 3:54pm

There is no rifle, its a shotgun genius. Its not a realistic game, there is no realism in it. The game is not a cop and robber game, you forgot about the other dozen things you can do. You just are a criminal all the time so thats why you put it in there. No one listen to his opinions, there are biased based on only his experiences and thoughts.


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